About Ron Karren

Ron Karren graduated from Brigham Young University in International Relations and Political Science, working his way through school at a Fortune 500 firm.

As an entrepreneur in the multimedia industry, he was exposed to the world of finance through a landmark project with three of the world’s leading CEOs. Subsequently, other financial companies sought out Karren’s services, input, and involvement to promote their financial concepts, as well as to merge his ideas with theirs. Mr. Karren, instead, came to the conclusion that his formulations would be more efficiently marketed and administrated by progressive, open-minded CPAs and other licensed financial professionals.

In 2003, Karren was approached with the basic Australian mortgage concept, which he found to be logically, mathematically, and financially sound.  After years of witnessing the success of his clientele living the concepts, he established a following of financial professionals (including CPAs, E.A.s, and financial planners) who began referring their clientele to him. 

Shortly thereafter, he dovetailed this concept into an effective and productive approach to retirement, which configurations eliminate taxes and market loss from the retirement equation; a crucial concept for Americans to grasp if they wish to reclaim and secure lost net worth.With his approach, Karren’s clients have sailed through these years of recession not only with their retirement accounts intact, but also with noted growth beyond their original projections.

In his third phase of financially restructuring the American household, Karren added the most innovative healthcare approach currently on the market, which risk-assessment techniques can remedy 80% of the healthcare crisis, by cutting healthcare costs to one-third of current market costs, while increasing the benefit-to-cost ratio. With this third phase in place, Karren formulated the least expensive yet most robust employee benefits package on the market. Both employers and employees alike will find this approach more simplified, less expensive, and exponentially more productive; while removing the employer from a new, little-known legal liability.

When these three phases are practiced within American households, each can experience an average of $300,000 savings in mortgage interest, retirement account savings/retention, and in healthcare cost reductions over the course of a decade. These financial protocols naturally redirect the flow of funds from government and Wall Street coffers back to the household, enabling the lower and middle classes to thrive in these powerful yet natural redistributive models that rival the popular, yet divisive Redistribution-of-Wealth model.

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