Financial Activism

At American Financial Planner, we enjoy helping each of our clients through the unique financial obstacles they face throughout their lifetime, and in doing so, we are fighting a larger cause. We are financial activists, fighting in the Main Street vs. Wall Street tug-o’-war, and attempting to correct and heal the U.S. economy. It is for this reason that…

Our Education is Always Free

Since 2003, founder/educator Ron Karren has expended tens of thousands of hours educating his clients and prospective clients at no charge. The target of this education: redistributive modeling within the Main Street vs. Wall Street tug-o’-war. Unquestionably, Wall Street is winning; the participation of each additional individual will turn the tide.

Main Street vs. Wall Street

Unbeknownst to 99.99% of Americans, Main Street has been funding the destructive efforts of Wall Street to its own demise. Chambers of Commerce are often unknowing accomplices in Wall Street’s efforts, and specifically need this education.

The Post-1970 Reconsolidation of Wealth

1929: Just before the great crash and the ensuing Great Depression; 10% of the population (i.e. the Wall Street Moguls) were earning 50% of the nation’s income.
1950: Through Anti-Trust/ Anti-Monopoly measures, union efforts, and sound social justice measures (like child-labor laws); the 50% of share of income was reduced to 9%. This means that 90% of the population was earning 91% of the income. Note: This was the most stable era (both economically and politically); and the most militarily powerful time in U.S. History.
1970: Nixon implements the right-wing campaign to corporatize America through the efforts of Butz and Powell to “Get Big or Get Out”—consolidating farming (and most industries) to centralized mega-corporations. Reagan and Bush topped off the Re-Consolidation of Wealth through deregulation in areas that should have remained regulated: Such as Wall Street because of its penchant for corruption.
2007: By the Great Recession of 2001 and then 2007, the nation’s wealth and income had been reconsolidated, through the right-wing efforts*, to the same levels attained just before the Great Depression of 1929; most of which has been accomplished through corruption.

*The left-wing, and especially Clinton, are also responsible for the 2001 and 2007 crashes by the clipping the wings of his CFTC appointee (Brooksley Born). The majority of the AFP principals openly admit they have historically identified with (and voted for) the right-wing, not knowing its destructive designs until post-2008. There is plenty of for both political parties.

The Reconsolidation of Wealth and YOU

According to the 2012 Dept. of Treasury report: average household net worth (comprised of retirement accounts and home equity) rose from $77k in 1992 to $126k in 2007. It took only 3 years to wipe out 15 years of gains. After 18 years, retirement accounts and home equity have produced nothing. 18 years of lost investment time. That’s over one-third of Americans’ 45-year retirement-investment window.


American Financial Planner strategies direct an average of $300,000 per household away from Wall Street and back to individual households over a 10-year period. Keeping money local is always best.

Save yourself $300,000 and help us save the economy.
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