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The S.A.F.T.N.E.T. Program
Make your money work for you.

The S.A.F.T.N.E.T. is the foundational core of Redistributive Modeling.

Since the Gold Standard, the economy has evolved through 4 drastically different economic structures into today’s instantaneous-digital banking.  However, few people realize the detrimental effects of the relationship between instantaneous banking, the tools of the relic Gold Standard (checking and savings accounts), and Daily Calculated Interest (DCI) on debts.

At American Financial Planner, we teach our clients to thrive (like the Big Banks) through ALL of these economies by implementing our Structural Adjustments to Financial Transactions on the New Economic Terrain (S.A.F.T.N.E.T.)

Economy Shift

Mortgage Payoff Period

Average Homeowner

26 Years 9 Months

S.A.F.T.N.E.T. Participant

8 Years 11 Months

Through the S.A.F.T.N.E.T. Program, our clients pay off a mortgage (and other consumer debt) three times faster than the average homeowner. This results in an average of $164,000 saved per client. This is money no longer flowing to the Wall Street banking structure but is redistributed back to the household through Free-Market mechanisms.

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